Borden Wallace. The name can stand on its own, but to know about the man is to know a soul of strength, wisdom and compassion. And we truly believe, to know Borden Wallace is to know our customers.

A strong name with strong roots dug deep into the red dirt soil of the South, Borden Wallace was born in 1902. Emerging through the fog of The Great Depression, Borden Wallace was forged from the tough times. A towering renaissance man - a carpenter, teacher, coach, and lawyer - Borden Wallace was a man of many talents; a man of incomparable integrity, kindness, humility and love for others - the same values we set forth for this company. 

Which is why we chose to name this company after our founder’s great grandfather, Borden Wallace - a hard working man, but always the true gentlemen in appearance. Like many of us, Borden Wallace lived through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and he continued to put one foot in front of the other, to not only live but to thrive. 

In today’s society, men are bombarded by what it means to be a “real man”, but we know that’s personal. We know, like Borden Wallace did, the strength and depth in perseverance, honesty, and love of others.

Step into the shoes of Borden Wallace. All of our grooming products hold the essence of this man, and the men who embody his values. Each product is named after places he resided, the places that made him an unending inspiration. We hear the footsteps of those who came before, do you? We hear the call to walk in strength, perseverance, honesty and love of others. Borden Wallace was that man. Are you a Borden Wallace man?