There Will Be Miracles
There Will Be Miracles

There Will Be Miracles

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There Will Be Miracles - A NICU Story - Judson's Story

Come into the lives of a small-town Texas family as they rely on God, family, friends and a team of medical professionals on a mission to save their first-born son.

Miracles are real!

This family is living one every single day.

A feel-good story grounded in faith and propelled by hope

A newborn baby fights for his life while an ultra-rare disease goes undiagnosed.

A story of life or death, prayer and petition, and the mapless maze we call life.

Miracles happen constantly, all around us. Every day. You just have to open your eyes to see them.

This is a story about miracles.

Based on a true story.

Book Information

Author: Jason C. Stewart

ISBN: 978-1-63732-373-1

Publication Date: November 2020

Length: 225 Pages

Format: Paperback